Friday, March 5, 2010

Embracing the Crazy...because that's what it truly is!

Today I'm linking up to Kelly's Korner in Show us You Life...A Day in the Life.

Hold on to your hats your in a for a wild ride!

6:00 am wake-up get myself semi presentable and take out the dogs
6:20 COFFEE!!! and feed dogs
6:30 1st daycare child arrives and I wake up the 2 oldest boys for school....the older boys argue loudly with the Princess who has already taken over the bathroom. I shhhsshhhhh them several times so they do not wake the 2 little boys.

6:45 breakfast for my school age kids and the 2 daycare children that are now here.

7:00 begin freaking out that the boys are going to miss the bus. It's a mad scramble of gathering book bags, stray papers that they haven't packed, and snacks...sometimes lunches, combing wild and crazy hair, shoe and jacket searching. Another child (or 2) is arriving during this time.

7:05 Bus time! YAY 2 kids out the door.

7:10 Prepare breakfast for daycare children, clean up the boys messes they left behind, microwave coffee for the 3rd time, catch a minute of GMA and try to listen to Princess who has been talking my ear off since she came down at 6:45 to tell me about her obnoxious brothers (as if I couldn't hear what was going on) and as I'm multi-tasking between spilled milk and hearing "I don't like this" and "I gotta go potty" Princess proceeds to tell me funny stories about kids at school in such a such class and "can you believe that" stories.

7:30-7:45 The last of the daycare children arrive, Princess heads off to school irritated because I told her she has too much make-up on and made her wipe it off, or her skirt that we bought 3 yrs. ago is too small and she has no clothes and I'm a horrible mother because I want her to be embarrassed and go naked. Like I would do's against the dress code after all!

8:00 My 2 little boys wake-up and are ready for breakfast. Feed them, change all the daycare kids and take some potty, clean up breakfast, break up the 315th fight over a ball or riding toy, all the while singing songs about it being a beautiful day...even if it's crazy cold and snowing out. Tell the voice in my head to stop begging for the candy bar hidden in the cupboard.

8:30 Answer texts from the husband so he doesn't get too excited about his plans of cashing in my life insurance policy...catch up on a few e-mails from baseball parents (did I mention I'm team mom to 2 of the teams this season and hubby is coaching 2 and assisting the 3rd), try to rewind to hear a story on GMA, break up another fight, sing another song, change diapers b/c they held their poop in until they had a clean diaper, warm coffee again and fill up the cup.

9:00 Snack time, circle and learning time, sing lots of songs, read lots of books, art and writing time....keep Little Monkey off of the table and stop him 1.2 million times from pulling the chair to the counter to climb into the medicine cupboard or where the snacks are, stop the Little's from eating the crayons and feeding them to the dogs, chase Little Monkey down who is scaling the baby gate to get upstairs with a Sharpie in his hand that he has already colored all over.

9:30 Catch up on e-mails and texts, break up the 483rd fight, remind everyone how much fun sharing is, potty, diapers, quiet the screaming voice in my head about the stupid candy or chocolate it knows we have, clean up and head outside by 10:00.

10:00 Run, play, push, shove, and chase each other and the dogs. Play with the parachute, freak out over bugs, find poor worms to give a bath and make homes for and fight over the 5 pushing trucks, 2 bikes, and numerous balls that cover the yard. Wash out the mouths that have eaten the sand and wipe faces covered in dirt or grass.

11:00 Clean-up, prepare lunch with 8 little people under my feet playing the pots and pans or singing and dancing along side me - which to an outsider might look more like screaming hungry wild animals that haven't eaten their prey in months.

12:00 Clean-up, wash hands and faces, change diapers, potty them all down and put 6 kids to sleep for nap. Put my 4 yr.old and his buddy on the computer to do some pre-k work while I clean the kitchen. Eat my lunch and give in to the screaming annoying voice in my head about the chocolate so it will shut up.

12:30 Cover up the littlest who have gotten up to play with the toys or turn on the TV...and rub backs this time so they don't move again. Regret eating the stupid chocolate and sign a contract that I will never do it again!

1:00 6 asleep 2 on the computer...time for me to pay bills, sweep, mop, dust, clean bathrooms and prepare afternoon snack.

1:30 catch up on blogs and Facebook, read e-mails and respond to parents who think I fell off the earth, return phone calls, make appts. etc...

2:00 Think about what to make for dinner, hear someone stirring and pray hard they fall back to sleep, break up the argument between the 2 older boys and shsshhh them for the 40th time so they don't wake the others up, check the mail, get the puppy off the table, rock the baby...

2:30 All up, change diapers, get snack, big boys home from school

2:45 Get my boys started on homework, argue a little about why they can't go outside or get on the computer, remind them of their chores, and tell them to stop wrestling when I'm talking

3:00 Break up 849th argument, tell everyone to share, get them ready to go outside, searching for socks and shoes and jackets...

4:00 Daycare kids begin leaving, wash hands and faces, find all shoes and socks and blankets, put everything by the door...parents arrive, search while they wait for socks, shoes and blankets they have lost again.

4:45 Begin dinner, Princess is home by now and telling me more stories, remove children from climbing on tables, clean up toys and vacuum, keep cooking dinner in a mad rush to get ready for baseball practice...argue with boys about why their homework isn't done, they should be getting dressed for baseball.

5:00 Last of the daycare kids leaving, searching for missing baseball socks, dinner on the table by 5:15, dad arrives home wanting to know why the boys aren't ready, scarf down food...

5:30-6:00 Out the door for baseball practice, argue with Princess about going to the gym, make her feel guilty about having too much alone time, pack little boys in the car after searching for socks, shoes, and a sippy cup...Head to the gym.

6:30-7:30/8:00 Listen to my IPod while running pretending I'm running away and hope the poor kids will survive without me or try to keep up during Zumba and not get upset at the skinny mini in front of me showing all the world her humungo tatas w/ a shirt on that says Fab U Lous! And trying to move away from the old bitty who smells like moth balls who keeps invading my Zumba space.

Pick up little boys from the daycare and head home, argue about why we can't stop for ice cream, listen to Little Monkey yelling our "icweam icweam peas icweam" b/c her heard Princess ask about it.

8:00-8:30 baths, teeth, chase down Little naked Monkey and hold him down to get his PJ's on, read a few books and say good night to the moon about 115 times, tuck him in, go in to rub backs of the other kids and argue for a few minutes about the TV time or lack there of, listen to the big boys tell me about baseball practice and how cold it was, and how dad wouldn't let them stay in the car, and how they got hit in the nose or they think their legs are broken....plead to please be quiet and just go to sleep we can talk in the morning.

9:00 Princess is off to bed, hubby and I speak briefly about our day and say "hello" for the first time, argue about who will clean the kitchen and fold the clothes (I always lose b/c I just get tired and want it done so I can sit down), take a bath and drink more water
10:00 finish up the last few minutes of a show and decide it's a good think we have a DVR, talk with hubby for a few more minutes, finish answering e-mails or blog reading and head to bed by 11:00.

Phew....I'm tired I think I'll put my feet up now and take a nap! Ha that would be a good post for what would happen if I took a nap!


  1. Holy smokes, I got tired just reading all that! You're my hero!

  2. WOW! I agree with RN mama, I am tired from reading all of that! I hope you have a great weekend ;-)

  3. I love it and can so relate!!

  4. I'm totally tired from just reading your post!! (Love Kelly's Korner by the way!)
    Can my kids be in your daycare? Sounds like you really do some great things with them!!

  5. I am sooooo tired reading this :) Beautiful family you have!

  6. Wow! And I thought my days were busy! I don't think I could keep up with you and all the activities. How fun that you're so involved with all your children's activities.