Monday, March 22, 2010

Let me introduce you...

To my favorite time of year!

Baseball Season! Three of our boys play and I get the most enormous sense of pride watching them play. Of course it's also the most stressful time of year for us as my husband, who works 60-70 hours a week, also coaches the two older boys. So, while I work my 60 hour week I also am on my own to deal with the house, homework, cooking, cleaning and all things pertaining to raising 5 kids. But when I get to the field and can watch them play it makes it all worth it.

T-man plays 2nd base, pitcher, and (his favorite) catcher. He really is one of the best 10 year old catchers I've seen.

He loves to bunt when up to bat, and he is the fastest base stealer! He steals home and slides in right under the glove and most often is SAFE!

He was also chosen for our Sunday Select team (the elite players of the park...consisting of 12 kids.)

My Bubby plays 2nd and 1st bases. I like him at 1st and so does he, but this season dad is getting him to try out 2nd base b/c then he gets more experience. This boys eats, sleeps, and breaths baseball all year. This is his 5th season playing and was on All-Stars last year. He has also been chosen for our Sunday Select team which is the top 12 kids out of the whole park to get him more experience and really focus on perfecting his skill. It also helps prepare them for All-Star try-outs and experience playing with the other top players...which he absolutely loves.

And this year is Tookers first year. He loves being like the "big" boys and is so proud to play. He loves to tell his brothers all about his hits and anytime he gets the ball. This weekend he did a lot of waving to us from his "post" out on the field.

Little Monkey just enjoys the concession stand...especially homemade lemonade and snow cones!

And I just wanted to add a picture of the Princess and I since I didn't take any at the field this weekend...but didn't want to be left out:)

No working out happened at all this weekend. And lots of eating that was not so healthy. So I have a lot to work on this week. But I will do it! I really enjoy my clothes fitting better and am


  1. Awesome pictures! You are a great photographer! Our tball stuff gets started soon I guess. I have volunteered to coach and that should be very interesting!

    Sounds like the boys are quite talented. I bet you are super proud! :)

  2. My son just started tball for the first time and it has been a lot of fun to watch! I love all the pictures ;)