Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Fun

Well this week's weigh in was not nearly as great as the rest...only .2 lbs. lost. It's a loss so I'll take it, but I've got to get my butt back on track. This week is full of baseball games and no time for the gym. But this is how life is right? Can't fit it all in all the time and we have to figure out ways around the bumps in the road.

Despite being a little upset at only losing .2 this week I decided Princess and I needed some mommy/daughter time. I spend so much time with the boys and baseball that the 2 girls of the house don't have much time alone together. So, Friday night daddy took the boys up to the ball field to watch other games (and I convinced him to take the little ones too:) And the Princess and I went to P.F. Chang and had a lovely dinner chatting it up about all the 8th grade gossip. Good times! As we were driving home we saw the movie sign...Opening Night for The Bounty Hunter. On a spur of the moment I swung in to the movie theater and Princess went to see when the movie started. It had started 5 minutes before but we figured that was enough time to get through the previews. We quickly ran to the bathroom and right as we sat down the movie began. It was so funny! We both laughed all through dinner and the movie. It was a great girls night out!

We spent Saturday at the ball field. All day and it was great. Then yesterday the two older boys were supposed to start their Sunday Select teams. But the rain was coming in and the coaches cancelled. But the boys and I were already at the field while Princess was watching the two little ones. So, I decided to play some ball with the boys. It was so much fun and made me miss playing. It was nice b/c usually it's daddy who gets to have all the baseball fun, but the boys were excited to see that mommy has some skills too:) And the fact that I got a ton of running in while they hit the ball all over the field for me to chase after gave me just the workout I needed for the day.

It was such a nice weekend really getting to spend time with the older kids. The little boys and I spend all day everyday together...which is great...but I really need to have more time with the older ones too. So I am going to start making sure to set aside quality time doing the things that they really like.

And on another note...the house will be listed next week and I am so ready to get this going. Of course I hope we find something we like before we sell...and I hope we sell by the end of summer if the kids are going to have to move schools. We are staying in the same middle school and high school but might be changing elementary. We shall see...everything in time right? Now to keep it clean...ha!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


  1. You had me at PF Changs. Love that restaurant, sadly there isn't one within 90 miles of where I live:(

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. House on the market tips: buy a few extra laundry baskets. I would scoop everything I didn't have a place for or the time to put it away and shove it in the car. I also shoved clean/dirty dishes in the oven and/or the dryer. Clorex in the toilet makes the bathroom seem instantly cleaner, just be sure you flush before you pee the next time!!