Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nit Pick Thursday

Today is brought to you by things on my list of irritations.

#1 Why do Girl Scouts, who are supposed to be all about helping Americans and all that yadda yadda, sell their freakin' cookies at the beginning of spring? People are trying to lose weight to get ready for bikini season...and these flippin' little cookie pushers are on every freakin' corner around here with their cute little voices "Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?" I purposely did not order any this year knowing full well I'd eat them all. But now they're camped out at every store I frequent. It's like they're taunting me.

#2 Why do they tell you to weigh yourself naked first thing in the morning? After all people see us with our clothes on...why not call that they weight you really are. And when you go to the doctor they don't ask you to remove all your clothes...and I can't ever seem to get an appointment first thing in the morning before I need my coffee and breakfast. My frustration for this is because our weigh in is at 6:00 tonight and I have to keep my clothes on after a full day of eating. I've decided to wear the same outfit to every weigh in b/c this will give me a true picture of my weight loss.

#3 What's up with this stupid new Shake Weight gadget? Have you seen the commercials for this? Obsurd! It loks obsecene and I can't believe people actually would purchase this thinking it would make their arms super tone. Why not just walk around flaling our arms about?

#4 Women on their cell phones at the gym! That's a big one. On the elliptical I have enjoyed many conversations between young girls fighting with their boyfriends. And during Zumba cell phones ring and people actually go to answer them. "Hello?" (Like they don't know who it is with caller ID) "Oh yeah hey. At Zumba...Can I call you back?" Ugh! I just want to turn around and say "HELLO you're interupting my groove." But then I'd call attention to myself and I'd rather leave the attention on yappy chic in the back.

#5 Why do Lifetime movies always suck me in when I have a million things to do? I don't even know why I turn the channel on.

#6 Why do my kids come banging on the door of the bathroom the second my rear end hits the seat? It's like the house is on fire and there's this huge emergency. Do they really think I won't come back out?

#7 Why is it raining so much it's flooding the baseball fields and ruining our opening weekend? I really want to see my little cuteies in their uniforms.

#8 Why can't I see the floor of my laundry room? Just one day of wearing clothes around here seems to add up to two more loads. And then they want to use clean towels to shower! As I was loading the washer after baseball practice the other night my husband says "Just imagine when all 4 boys are teenagers and all playing sports. Man you'll have a lot to do." First of all he's lucky I didn't deck him for say "you'll". And then my future flashed before my eyes. I could smell them! Ick! Oh lord I have a lot of training ahead of me.

#9 Why did my daughter get an eye for fashion? I was a tom boy growing up. I was very much into sports, jeans wearing, and tennis shoes...She loves skirts, and fancy shoes, and cute tops...she enjoys fashion magazines. When I take her shopping for new clothes she believes that means entire outfits including matching shoes and accessories. Heck I only own about 6 pairs of shoes...and 3 of those are cheap Old Navy or Payless flip flops. My running shoes are pricey...but other than that I'm not a big spender on shoes. But I guess if I was as cute as she is then I would enjoy a little more fancyness:) But heck I work from home and endure lots of snot noses being rubbed on me, wiping off sandy hands on my pants, and spit up on my shoulder.

#10 Why do women get the crap jobs? It must have been in the fine print! Carry the babies for nine months, gain a lot of weight, work hard at losing the weight, nursing the babies, smelling like sour milk, monthly visitor keeps coming back...and so on. While the men just get to hold the nice clean baby after it comes out, they can shower and shave and be ready in 5 minutes, no pushing involved, and only monthly moods no messisness attached. My husband can just say the words "walk" and "no more Coke" and he can shed 10 working out involved...and no dieting. I get the jobs of cooking and cleaning while he gets to enjoy the wrestling and playtime. I guess I do enjoy lots of snuggles and kisses though. But it would be nice for them to call "DADDY" at the top of their lungs once in awhile.

On the upside of Thursday here's my workout from last night and today.

And when we were down in Tampa the Rays Fan Fest they were giving out lots of free stuff. Here's what I got

So what's on your "nit pick" list?


  1. Glad I'm not the only one in one of those moods today. It must stem from the nice weather followed by NON stop rain!

    My nitpicks:
    1. Realtors and House Hunters: They don't seem to care that I have 2 small kids and need ample time to get the house ready. I wish people would only look if they were REALLY interested. I spend too much of my time keeping the house picked up and clean when I should be just a Mom home with her kids.

    2. My kids who seem to be on each other's nerves so much these last few days. I need ear plugs and a paddle. Also, their listening ears seem to be permanently turned off. I'm on repeat this week, and it's getting old.

    3. I'm sure I could go on, but I don't have time! I don't know that an extra 12 hrs a day would make a difference!

  2. Seriously my husband and I were just talking about the arm shakey thing. I cannot believe that people buy that either. Well, I better get going, I have some Girl Scout cookies to finish :-) They are evil... huh!? Have a great night and good luck with the weigh in!

  3. My nit picks?
    Well, working out in general. I really am not a fan. Which makes it hard to do it.

    I am impressed by all your working out. I have heard a lot of people who do Zumba, but I do not know what it is.

    I don't know. I am often annoyed, but I just can't think of anything right now!!!

  4. Great job on your workouts!

    I hear ya on those biatches at the gym on their cell phones. There are a couple girls who I've seen txting in spin class! Seriously? Yeah, if you're txting, you're probably not working out that hard!

    Oh, and as a mother of a Daisy Scout I apologize for our pimping of the cookies.