Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creepy Old Guy @ the gym wearing booty shorts

I know...ewwww right! My original post was going to be things @ the gym that drive me crazy. But this title was much more fitting for my evening at gym.

So, I'm 32 years old, wearing sweats and t-shirt, sweaty, working hard, probably panting at this point...now I will say I do not wear my wedding ring to workout because well I swell and I don't think I would ever get it back off...

Ok, back to COG (Creepy Old Guy). I got off the elliptical after 25 minutes and headed to the weight machines. I'm just lifting my legs, counting my reps., probably lip syncing, and out I feel a presence. You know that erie feeling when someone is near you or staring at you? I look to my left and this COG is staring at me. He's lifting his arms on this machine...and he might be 45 or so..but looked older and creepier...he gets up and walks in front of me...booty shorts and all...and looks back at me as if to say "I know you're looking". I think I might have even shuttered...maybe I even said "ewww" while I was singing along to my I-Pod.

He walked off. I finished my reps and moved back to the elliptical for 20 more minutes. Next thing I know he's staring at me again. I see him walk back and forth in front of my machine several times...each time I'm trying hard to avoid eye contact. I just kept on going thinking I might be on the this machine all night if he doesn't ever leave.

After 45 minutes of elliptical and 15 minutes of leg machines- I headed for the track for my cool down and stretching...well what do you know...COG came walking along. I turned up the I-Pod and my cool down turned into a run...and off I went for another mile.

I finally got completely tired and made it look like I was headed for water and hit the elevator instead. I grabbed Princess and the boys and we were out. I avoided all contact...and was so please w/ myself.

I have never been "hit on" at the gym...or been watched to my knowledge...and I had no intention of starting w/ COG!

ICK! BLECK! YUCK! GROSS! And booty shorts? Oh no!
Maybe next post I can comment on the other things that DRIVE ME CRAZY @ the gym.


  1. That is so funny. Gross, but funny. :)

  2. Hi Danielle -
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my wonderful surprise in the mail today - my wonderfully fun gifts for the Valentine's Day blog exchange!! The socks just make me smile so big and I love the adorable card and nice note (thanks for the kind comments). You are so very sweet to think of me in such a fun way. I read up on your blog and absolutely love it!! I love how real, true, and down to earth you are!! I look forward to following your journey and will think of you always as such a special, sweet person who touched my life today. Thank you again!

    And yeah, totally creepy on the guy at the gym. Last weekend, I was walking the last 1/2 mile of a very long run and I was tired and my back hurt and I probably looked like total hell. I crossed this bridge that took me over to the other side of the creek and some guy was standing on the bridge just looking down. I thought it was really weird, you never see anyone like this out there, it's usually bikers or runners. Anyway, I tried to run b/c I was freaked out but I couldn't since my legs were jello now and as soon as I got across the bridge, I turned around to see what he was doing. He screamed at me, "Take a picture, it will last longer." OMG, total creepness! Your story reminded me of that. I mean, if we're going to get hit on, can't they at least be cute and a hot bod? Haha.

    Happy Valentine's Day and thank you dearly again!!!!