Friday, February 12, 2010

This crazy boy...

This sweet boy loved the snow...but only for a was a lot more fun to watch the big brothers play from inside.

He was the best baby....ever...never cried...was always happy and smiling...would lift anyones spirits who might be feeling down...didn't sleep great at night, but was the best nurser of all.

He is the youngest of 4 boys and 2 girls.

Loves to help mommy in the kitchen...even when she doesn't want him when she's trying to unload the dishwasher quickly...but he enjoys putting things back in and slamming the door or taking out the dirty ones and putting them away.

But ever since he was 18 months he has decided that throwing fits is a good way to get noticed. Mommy doesn't give in...because well she's seen it all before...except he's really good at dragging his screaming self in an inch worm sort of way...all around the house wherever mommy goes.

He has lots of friends...but doesn't like to share. (He is laying on and hoarding all the pattern blocks so no one else can play.)

But he does love Ring Around the Rosie!
He smells super yummy after a very soft and snuggly...loves to brush his teeth...and is good at getting into trouble all on his own.
He's very good at cleaning up his mess...
But is the one who makes the most!

He's full of spunk and charisma!

He cheers for mommy everytime she goes potty. And is so sweet to say "bye bye pee pee". It's really great in a public place!

He loves all of his brothers and long as they are cooperative and do what he wants.

Everybody loves to give him kisses! Like I said he's really soft and smells super yummy.
He's a great snuggler! And enjoys being the center of attention.

And I am blessed to get to spend everyday with him. Even though he makes me really tired and does not allow for much down time. He goes and goes until he can go no more...

He's my baby...and I love him so...and I am more than blessed that God chose me to be his mom.


  1. sweet!! He's absolutely adorable!

  2. Soooooo cute! Wow- adorable kids! Hi there! I just found your blog and wanted to pop and and say hello!