Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nude Beach!

This is where I will live in my next life! I am really excited about the thought of living in a place where no clothes are required...but only because I won't have much laundry to do. Ahem hello I am on a weight loss journey...so I am obviously super skinny and too cute for words in my next life. All of this makes me very excited thinking about my next life. Although I am hoping it's not too soon as I am not ready to leave this one yet, but the thought of no laundry makes me really happy. Considering right now my upstairs hallway I'm pretty sure would qualify for an episode of Hoarders. I have done no less than 8 loads of laundry since we returned form our mini vacation. I would take a picture, but I am pretty sure someone might call Family and Children Services which would lead to me losing everything that completely stresses me out and makes me completely happy at the same time..i.e. my kids and my job!

So at the risk of losing it all I will just describe it to you...

Everyone in the house has their own clothes basket making laundry much easier to manage. Except when each one is full and I still have a laundry room full of sorted piles that are spilling out into the hallway and also filling up our entire bathroom floor. Plus, genius me, decided to go through the boxes of clothes that have been outgrown by the other children to try and get the next size for the next child. Which has caused 10 more piles of unnecessary clothing items. I, of course, can't just take them out of the nicely labeled boxes and place them into drawers. They must be washed first. And since the weather is not cooperating and staying a certain temperature I must have various seasons worth of clothes in their drawers. And of course they share rooms so it's not like I have a ton of space to put all these clothes. Which leaves me thinking, "Wouldn't it be easier to just let each child have 5 shirts and 5 pants and just rotate them each week?" That would certainly be a lot easier on the washer and dryer. But no no not me...I see a sale and have a coupon and next thing I know I'm buying out GAP and Old Navy's clearance section. Chances are someone is wearing that size and if not someone will grow into it.

After many boxes, piles, and laundry room spillage I have realized I have a problem. I buy too many clothes for my kids. Maybe because I've never felt I could buy "cute" things for myself because I don't look as cute in them as they look on the hanger. Things don't fit right. Too tight in my thighs, too big in the waist, too short, too long...you get the picture. Also, when I was young my mom being a single mom could not afford a lot. We shopped at the less expensive stores and I was not the "popular in style girl"...which led me to really be a kind of tomboy of sorts. I always envied the girls who could shop at the mall and buy the popular brand name things. Of course what did all of this mean...nothing really...but it has made me really want my kids to "fit" in. I want them to enjoy their clothes and look cute and stylish. Of course I have 4 boys and only 1 girl who really cares. The boys could pull something out of the dirty pile and could care less. And luckily my daughter understands Holister and Abercrombie aren't in the budget unless we find them at consignment stores or they are hand me downs. So really it is me. I am the problem to all of this laundry over piling...I always shop clearance, consignment stores, Ebay....but I am probably spending just as much b/c I buy so much.

Anyway, that nude beach is sounding exciting as I am sure no one there cares what name brand I can or cannot afford...or what fits or doesn't fit me...

Unfortunately, I think it all comes back to how I view myself. So, my goal this month is to clean out and de-clutter the clothes. Ebay the good stuff they can't wear, hide all clothing store credit cards, and use the Ebay money to pay off those credit cards. And after cleaning out my closet of clothes I cannot wear and when I am closer to my goal weight I am going to spend a little money on myself and find something I can wear that makes me feel girlie, and pretty, and worthy of my own "cute" clothes.

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  1. You are too funny! I am doing the same thing in my house, cleaning out the closets and getting rid of the clutter.