Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a quickie...

Boy wouldn't my husband enjoy that if I said it out loud...with 5 little creatures running amuck all the time I don't know if we'd even have time for that...especially since the second they sense I've gone to the bathroom or gotten on the phone they hunt me down like a hound dog. I can only imagine how fast there noses would travel if they knew daddy and I had a second of alone time. They would for sure think they were missing out on something good.

Anyway, after that random note...

I have completely over indulged myself this weekend. I spend all of Saturday being Taxi Mom driving 3 boys back and forth to baseball, a birthday party, and Princess (she's been super helpful this weekend)to a friends to work on a project, and a million other errands. I took the Little's to breakfast at Chick Fil A Saturday morning b/c we could eat for free if we wore our PJ's. Heck ya I'm there! I love free anything:) Then after all the millions of things we did all Saturday I was in no mood to cook so out to dinner we went. Then today I decided we needed a yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting just because it sounded good. And well tonight I made myself a bowl of mint choc. chip ice cream.

I am afraid that because I know I have my first weigh in on Thursday for our Biggest Loser Challenge and I want a big weight loss next week to win prizes of course....wait does this mean I'm playing the game? I should be losing weight's about a life style change not prizes. But I think I convinced myself it was okay to eat "crap" b/c I was starting fresh on Thursday.

At least I did get my workouts in.....Zumba and tons of hopefully that offset the awfulness of my indulging.

Now that I'm super stuffed I'm falling into bed into what I hope if my last indulging food coma. I'm not gonna gain my 10 pounds back this week just to have to lose it again starting Thursday.

Side note...I love Zac Brown Band and enjoyed getting to watch their special on CMT today. I actually went to high school w/ Jimmy who plays the violin...and we actually worked a hot dog stand together when I was in 8th grade.

I know super random tonight..I'm sure it's the sugar overload! I'll go sleep it off:)


  1. Loving the title :-) hehe I hope you have a great week!

  2. I totally do the same thing!! I "fell off the wagon" on Wednesday, and I ate bad ALL week telling myself that I will start back up on Monday!! And I think our kids are exactly the same. Don't quite know the last time I went to the potty alone!!! Good luck on Thursday!!

  3. LOL!! That's what walk in closets with locks are for....

    ANYWAY, sounds like a fun weekend. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  4. Shut up, free breakfast for wearing your pj's?! How come there are no Chick Fil A's in Michigan?

    Your comment on my blog about peeing in the shower was hysterical! Now I'm wondering about my own husband?