Friday, December 11, 2009

Caught you red handed!

A few things I learned this week (besides the fact that you can't eat 2 slices of fully loaded pepperoni w/ extra cheese pizza and several garlic Parmesan bread sticks and uh Cheeseburger Bobby's fully loaded cheeseburger and onion rings and maybe a few fries from the kids plates and still expect to lose weight....but you can enjoy them and workout twice as much and maintain your weight and enjoy the food. I will admit I will never be able to give up certain foods. Fast food and 5 kids equals at least one easy night a week or every other week. I did good last week and ate a salad when we headed out to dinner....but this week I was hankering big time for a I had one and ran for an extra workout. Well then hubby was home one day and pizza sounded so we had that too...and well I needed another extra workout. So I took 3 Zumba classes, 2 days of 45 min. elliptical and weights for arms, and got in one run. I weighed myself this morning which I swore I wasn't going to do but oh well...but I was a little surprised that after crappy eating I was able to at least keep off the weight I'd already lost. Now I know there are better choices I should be making, but I also know that if I constantly tell myself I can't have it I will eat twice as much when I do finally give in to a craving. I figure if I eat as healthy as I can 90% of the time I can splurge on something not so healthy 10% and be in good shape...To be determined!
But another important lesson I learned this week -
- Never underestimate the sneaky middle child!

This sweet middle boy hatched a plan this week to sneak and look at Christmas presents. Well I NEVER! I couldn't even believe my sweet, innocent, wonderful, glorious, never get in trouble, super cute children would ever do such a thing especially this quite middle boy. I came up the stairs to see him staring at me w/ one of those dear in the headlight looks. He says "Uh Um...Uh Um...T-man is looking for you." Realizing at this time son #1 was in my room I knew immediately that he was in closet and sneaking a peak. Well, two days later the truth finally came out that Bubby had actually already been in there 3 times and was reporting back to T-man. And well, T-man got curious and decided he should check it out for himself to see if Bubby was right.
That will teach us to shop early and not put stuff in the attic. I figured this year since I work from home there was no chance they would ever look for fear I would catch them. Ha! I was wrong. But a little fear has been instilled and hopefully they won't sneak to look at the rest.
Oh well you live and you learn.


  1. LOL at the story with your kids. When we were younger, my mom wrapped everything the minute it came in the door. While she was at work, my brother (around 8-10 years old at the time) would get a straight razor blade and cut the tape. He'd get the toys out, play with them and then re-wrap and put tape directly over the old tape. LOL!!!

    As for the food, I have accepted that as well. However, being the crazy research nut that I am, I found the best bang for my calorie buck pizza, happy meal, and burger. LOL Dominos thin crust, Burger King burger, and nugget Happy Meals with apple fries, Sonic Wacky pack chicken strips with a banana.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the story about the sneaky kids! I have the same situation on my hands, but the one getting into all the presents is a little one year old and the one giving her the presents to open is the almost five year old. I can't wait to follow your journey :-)