Saturday, December 5, 2009

A reward for the kids why not me!

I'm super excited to have made it through the first Friday night in ages w/o eating out! Go Me! I am also super excited that instead of ordering our Friday night pizza I took the boys to the Y instead. My husband closed Friday night and I knew that he was going to be closing Saturday other words absolutely no help on the home front. So I made sandwiches for the boys, a Green Monster, and packed them up and headed for a great hour and a half by myself to get the weekend started. I did a 30 minute eliptical (in intervals) and weight training the legs and arms in between. I also walked w/ weights just to continue to clear my head and muster up the energy to go the weekend alone.

I made some yummy egg white omelets w/ spinach when we returned and a nice cup of tea. I had the boys help me get the house cleaned up (as much as I can w/ 5 kids who think the whole place is their domain) and #1 Princess was hanging w/ her friends at the basketball games.

When I woke up I was starving! I made some oatmeal w/ Smat Balance P'nut Butter, 1/2a banana, and cinnamon and took the little boys w/ me back to the Y for some Zumba. Nothing like and awesome Zumba class to keep me motivated. Instead of out typical drive thru routine for weekend lunch I headed to Publix to get more fruits, veggies, and shrimp (so we could have dinner too). Got home and made egg omelets for Princess and I (so good egg whites, spinach, canadian bacon, and half a Babybel cheese). I grabbed a Bolthouse Smoothie drink thing as Publix...BLECK!!! Horrible green juice tasted icky...but the baby liked it and Princess put some in her smoothis. I think I'll stick to my homemade Green Monsters.

I've already got dinner planned and am so excited. A little planning really goes a long way. The plan for the rest of the day...NAP and relax. I had such an awesome week of workouts and healthy eating I am going to reward myslef w/ some rest (especially when it iwll be a long night w/ no daddy).

I have to pat myself on the back as I am so excited to not ruin my entire week by eating crap on the weekend. Planning, planning, planning!

And I'm coming up w/ a reward system for myself...I'm thinking 10 lbs. lost a new workout outfit, 15 lbs. take myself to the spa or nails or something, 20 lbs and hopefully 25 lbs (will def. need new clothes by then right?... need to be something good. I'm still thinking!


  1. Reward yourself! You deserve it! I finally did my Lifetime WW and 5 mile run reward Friday and it was awesome!

  2. Good for you! I need to get my butt in gear, but I'm alone all the time and just can't seem to get it done!

  3. Kelly - get the 30 Day Shred....20 min. workouts you can fit in during nap or after they hit the sack at night. I am LOVING it! Wish you could join the Y w/ really brings me a lot of sanity!