Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Pita Chips why do you taste so good?

This past weekend at the store I found Stacy's Pita Chips...cinnamon and sugar mmmm. No No No Bad Bad Bad!!! Yes mmmm they taste so good. Super addicting. My daughter says "But they are pita chips mom not regular chips". See what a misconception. Even my 13 year old is buying into the "this is better than this blah blah blah crap". I say "Well they aren't like other chips you're right. But they are still not healthy especially when we choose to eat the WHOLE BAG!!!" Which I have done...a couple of times:(

Okay, it's my own fault. I am the grocery shopper, food preparer, and all that goes along with that. So stop buying it Danielle!

I used to tell myself "I don't smoke. I don't drink. I just enjoy a few sweets here and there. It's not a crime. We all will die from something. I might as well enjoy what I eat before I go."

Sounds good right? While I am not one to sit and eat bags of chips, scarf down a whole pizza, eat the whole carton of ice cream (well half anyway)or hit the drive thru more than once a day...I know I can make better choices. I also know what my kids see me eat will help them as they grow. My boys are all extremely active and it's actually hard to keep weight on them. But my daughter is built more like me and is not nearly as active. And at 13 it's time now for me to show her and teach her the right ways before she leaves home. I don't want her to ever get in a rut like this and have to do on any type of "diets" to get her weight down.

So not only am I on a quest for myself it's for my family too. I want them to see what eating healthy is like. See the benefits of it. See how do their bodies will feel and well their bodies will treat them if they are good to it.

I am going to look for a book this weekend on how to talk to girls about eating and such. Talking opening with her is key I know...but I also know saying the wrong things to her can completely back fire. Girls are just so much more sensitive to things like this.

And a funny me to get around this please...Melissa @ Melissa's Adventures told her son he could get extra time before bed if he ate 3 bits of vegetables. So I thought I would give it a shot...3 of my kids will eat just about anything...but my 7 year old hasn't eaten a full serving of vegetables in years (a bite a day if I'm lucky). At dinner the other night I suggested he eat 3 bites and bribed him with 10 extra min. of TV or Playstation before bed. He got really excited and I was full of hope. He sniffed it (it was only lettuce w/ lots of dressing)and moved it around for a few minutes then said, "Mmmm that okay mom. 8:30 is an okay bedtime." And put his fork down. The 3 other oldest children started eating their salad saying "What do I get for eating mine?" Oh boy! Well back to the drawing board on that one. But thank you Melissa:)

Well, today is my last day of work for 2009! Wooo Hoooo!!!!! I want next week to g slow before we get to Christmas so I can enjoy some down time. HA on the agenda...a deep scrub of the house, cleaning out clutter and boxing up things, carpet cleaning, a few ortho and dentist appointments, and of course get everything ready for Christmas. We are listing our house in January (well as soon as the painter can get the outside done if the rain would stop)so I have to de-clutter and get it in tip top shape so some wonderful person will come scoop it up:)


  1. My agenda looks just like yours with my break!!

  2. Lol....oh well. How about extra computer or wii time??