Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm a very spoiled and happy girl!

Merry Christmas to all! I for one had an awesome day. An awesome week for that matter...although it is a blur of sorts and I'm not sure I have even cooked dinner once. Wow that's weird. We had a lot of sandwiches, eggs and all things left over. I have thoroughly enjoyed a Green Monster everyday and lots of egg white omelets w/ spinach and low-fat string cheese melted in and lots and lots of zucchini and squash sauteed on the side. Yummy yummy yummy! Although I have heard a few grunts from hubby when I say "I'm not cooking dinner tonight. Pick anything you can find we are too busy." We just have had so much going on.

Anyway, I am also quite proud that I have managed to dodge rain storms and hit the pavement many times this week. This is good considering all the cookies and fudge that are making their way down to my thighs. I have got to find someone who needs all this and pay them a visit:)

I was able to go out Christmas Eve for a very long run before the torrential downpour began. And hubby blessed me with lots of goodies for Christmas that I was able to use on my run today. New Asics (wow amazing my feet, knees and ankles were just giddy), several running headbands to keep my ears warm and hair back, Addidas watch (thanks mommy), several UGA t-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts for comfy workouts, and a new notebook/lap top (not for running with but I can now sit comfortably reading my bloggies in bed). On top of my Droid phone I am a spoiled girl this Christmas. My mom also got us new pots and pans to replace our peeling old ones. And other goodies from the kiddies.

The kids got all that they wanted and have other gift cards to go spend as well. We took them to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie...and even little Monkey enjoyed it. He's 19 months and I can't believe he sat though the whole thing. Then we headed to my aunt's for dinner (rib roast and various goodies). I sampled a little of everything and was so proud that once I felt full I stopped. I literally had a two or three bits of everythings...when before I would fill my plate again b/c it ws so yuumy. But this year I was able to tell myself "I'm full. It was good and I know how it tastes, but my body doesn't need any more."

I didn't count my points (I started off w/ two breakfast casseroles but only had a piece of each one hashbrown and one egg and sausage). I did't over do it and felt good about myself afterward. But then it was a busy day and I never stopped to write down anything. But I didn't have any popcorn or candy at the movies b/c well I just wasn't intersted. Usually I would get it and eat it b/c that was the things to do. This time the kids shared the popcorn and hubby and I had a DCoke. Anyway, I am feeling great. And I am excited about my progress. I ran for an hour today and then came home and did 20 minutes of a Yoga/Pilates DVD. I am excited for way in this Tuesday. I am not expecting a lot but at least a pound or two that I gained back last week during my very off week.

I'm excited to try out several Weight Watchers recipes this week. And now no excuses for not counting points with my new notebook I can sit in bed at night and type it all in. I should get soem pics. of Christmas up sometime this afternoon. Agian Merry Christmas to all!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good Christmas and were able to stay on plan. Soooo awesome with your exercise!!
    Can't wait to read about your new recipes!!

  2. I can't believe your 19 month old watched the movie! There is no way my daughter, who is 21 months old, will be ready anytime soon. Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas :-)

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