Monday, December 7, 2009

Giving myself a pat on the back

This is the first weekend I made it through without falling off the wagon. I even managed to lost half a pound! Most weekends I have been gaining back anything I lost and then maybe a pound or the next week fluctuates back down through the week and all is lost on the weekend...but not this weekend. I am super PROUD of myself and am so motivated. I knew I just needed that boost to keep me going in stead of the steady stream I've had for the past few months of yo-yoing.

Tomorrow is weigh in day...I've been doing it on Fridays and getting so excited about the weeks loss that I think that's why I have blown off the weekends. So I decided to change my weigh in day to Tuesdays. I did measurements this morning and have lost a couple of inches which is super excited as well. I've made a deal with myself that is I'm not steadily losing the least 10 pounds by then end of December...then I am going back on Weight Watchers. I want to see if I can do it by eating lots of raw and healthy fruits and veggies...along w/ lean meats w/o actually counting points and calories. But if by Dec. 31st I'm not down 10 pounds then I'll put myself back on the plan.

My goal is 25 lbs. by then end of February. This is absolutely doable!
Both the Princess and T-Man rain w/ me last night. I was so proud of them. If I can keep them going w/ me 3 days a week we might sign up for a 5K in the Spring.

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  1. Sign up for the 5K and then you will have something to work towards that you know you already have signed up for!
    Good luck on weigh in and congrats on the inches lost!!
    Love the banner picture. The kids are gorgeous.