Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mad Dash Wednesday

Today my first Christmas present is supposed to be arriving. Now I am not one who usually cares about these new techy gadgets, but #1 Hubby has been talking about this for some time now. I continued to say "oh that's not necessary, it's a waste of money, why do we need all that?" and being my frugal self. However, he continued talking about it and all the cool features...and then a lot of my FB friends started discussing it. They were all raving about it! So, as I am not usually one to follow the crowd, began to get curious about it. I started thinking "Hmm maybe that would be neat to have. Any nice to easily access things I might not otherwise have time to find. Or if I get lost or need directions they are at the tip of my finger. And e-mailing and blog reading would be nice hanging on the couch." Then so called #1 Hubby says "They have an app. for weight loss and things of that nature." Well this got me he's actually trying to help me on my journey being supportive in his own matter (b/c up to this point he is not thrilled about my healthier choices of cooking nor is he liking the fact that I am taking an hour or more to myself each night to go to the gym or for a run). He has continually said "You're fine. I like the way you are. It isn't necessary." While that's sweet and all I know it's b/c he doesn't want me to keep asking him to go for walks or hit the gym w/ more and he is quite a needy guy and doesn't like for me to be gone at night. Anyway, aside from all that I thought "wow how helpful is he?" Then my next thought was, "Crap he's finally decided I do need to lose weight." Well, either way he got me excited about this crazy gadget. And well today it's supposed to arrive!

I also know that as soon as it gets here I will be taking some time to figure it all out and all of it's free down loadable apps. So, I'm in a mad dash to get everything done around here. Dishes, never ending loads of laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, running a daycare (diapers, food, playtime, learning time), and all of the other necessary things that I seem to be behind on constantly.

But none the less I'm super excited about my new phone!

So dinner is about to go in the crock pot, music is coming on for the kids to dance, and I'm about to make this house look sparkly fresh (well as much as I can with 5 kids and 5 daycare kids).


  1. Yes, exciting, but oh, so jealous!!! :)

  2. How exciting! I want one so badly, but AT&T service sucks here.

  3. It's the new Droid...from Verizon...supposed to be comparable to the IPhone but more free apps. We shall see. I can't wait to play with's charging away:)