Thursday, December 17, 2009

The proof feels mighty good!

While that week two scale was not kind to me my clothes are being a little nicer. Last night we were heading out to dinner when my husband says, "Honey? Are your pants sagging?" Ah ha woo hoo! No it's not my latest fashion statement...It's my belt needing to be tightened to the next hole! And these were jeans straight out of the dryer and I didn't have to do the jeans dance. The problem was actually that after having to tighten said belt my waist looked bunchy. But that was a good feeling!

So, I see the results even though the scale isn't going down. I'll accept that and move on. This week I have not been getting out to do my runs as I am a big baby when it comes to being cold. We live in the south but to me it's mighty cold and windy. And well the stupid rain won't stay away. I have gotten in 2 Zumba classes and I have one tonight. I need to get my weights in at least twice this weekend. Then hopefully since the kids are out of school for the next two weeks and I'm off work I can get in some extra running if not outside at least at the gym.

On the plus side if running I went the other night to Sports Authority to have someone look at my feet to help with my shoes. My ankles, knees, and shins have really been bothering me. I was super excited that he didn't recommend some super expensive new shoes, but he showed me these awesome gel sole inserts. He put them in my shoes and I felt like I was walking on air! I am so in love and hope the weather will cooperate for me to run soon:)

This picture was taken at my high school reunion about 10 months after baby number 4 was born.I weighed about 128/130 if I remember correctly. For some reason baby number five has thrown me for a loop. After my 4th child was born I chose to stop teaching and stay home to run a daycare. I gained 50+ pounds during his pregnancy. But somehow by the time he was 10 months old it was all gone and then some (and I did not have a gym membership like now). Maybe it was the motivation that my high school reunion was coming up, but regardless I am still 15 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant with number 5 and he's now 19 months old. I need to figure out what the real problem is b/c it's not baby weight. Sure food tastes good, but why do I keep eating it even after I know it tastes good but is more than I need to be eating. Whatever it is I need to stop it and move on to become that healthier me again! I have made the decision to start Weight Watchers (I did do this after baby number 3 and 4 but not consistently). So I pulled my books out this morning and started refreshing my memory about points. Even though I have the "stuff" I think I will still join the website so I can get the recipes and be accountable. I am not sure why I've been putting it off, but I think it's time. So here goes! Wish me luck:)


  1. Great job on the pant size! You look amazing in that picture. I feel kind of bad now because I had a hard time losing weight after baby 2. When she turned 18 months old I finally said I needed to change things around and started running and training for a half marathon. We can do this!!!

  2. We need to see more pics of you. You are sooo pretty!!!
    Let me know if you need any WW info. I do know that the dining out book changed a little bit a couple of years ago after some establishments moved to a better oil for frying. But, if you use the points in older books, you'll actually be overshooting points, so that can't be too bad. :)
    The website is decently user friendly. That's what I did. Dottie's Weight Loss Zone has some good points info and there are a few other blogs with good recipes too.

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