Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...not so wordless after all

We finally caved and got our 13 year old princess a cell phone. She has been asking for a few years now and I truly think she was the only one left in her school without one. I decided it would really be nice to get in touch with her right when we need the school doesn't have pay phones anymore and when she stays after school she has to ask all her friends to borrow their phones when she needs us. So anyway she's now texting like a pro and super excited. I've never seen her cry this much on Christmas:)

This little monkey's favorite present was his vacuum cleaner. He hasn't let that thing out of his sight. And no one else is allowed to play with it. When we've been gone all day he runs straight to it as if it's his long lost best friend. And he will play with it for hours. I may buy another one incase something happens to it. His older brother dressed him in this police uniform:)

Little Tooker is very into dress up right now. He wears all of the big boys old halloween costumes all the time. We found this military suit and police uniform at Toys R Us and I knew he had to have it. They had a doctor and a surgeon one that we might end up going back to get. They will be fun for him and my daycare kids.

And Bubby has been wanting a first baseman glove. He's been playing baseball for 4 seasons and after his great plays at first base during all-stars he's been pleading for a different glove. Mostly because he wants to be like the big boys and once he heard they made a glove for his specific base he had to have it.

And on the weight loss front...the kids are getting the idea. My 4 year came in the kitchen today while I was making my lunch and he said "Are you making that bikini squash again?" I couldn't stop laughing. I was sauteeing zucchini and squash which I have done a lot of lately but he called it "bikini squash". Well if this squash gets me in a bikini then I will eat it everyday day ha!


  1. I love the "bikini" squash comment :-) Looks like the kids had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Great pics. Glad the princess was so excited about her gift.
    Love the bikini squash comment.